Thai Yoga Massage Reduces Pain

A lot of research is being done to provide evidence based results that show Western massage therapy techniques work in reducing pain, muscle tension and anxiety.  A study performed in Thailand is now touting the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage.  This particular study specifically focused on reducing pain and tension in the scapular region. 

Twenty patients were chosen aged 18 – 50 who were experiencing “spontaneous scapular pain which lasted 12 weeks” according to the study report.  The researchers were concerned with comparing the effectiveness of Thai massage to physical therapy.  The patients were divided into two groups and their progress was monitored by someone who was not aware of who was receiving which treatment.  Pain scales were used to monitor pain before the study began, during treatment and then long term. 

The Thai massage group received 30 minute sessions nine times over the course of three weeks around the scapular area while lying on their side.  The physical therapy group received heat packs and ultrasound treatment for the same amount of time.  Researchers found a significant improvement in the Thai massage group.  Overall, the Thai massage group felt more satisfied.  While the physical therapy group did notice moderate improvements in their scapular pain. 

Thai Yoga massage can give clients not only a relaxing experience, but has been shown to reduce pain and ease muscle tension.  This modality can bring an added benefit to your clients.