Thai Massage Chant is performed in a group setting by the Thai people before Thai massage training, and it’s personally performed by the practitioner before and after each session. The intention of this prayer is to bring a higher, spiritual awareness to the sessions and to honor the spirit of the founders. Twenty percent of the prayer is written in Sanskrit and the rest is in Pali. Wai Khru means “honoring the teacher”, and Jivaka was one of the Buddha’s doctors–he is considered the founding doctor of Thai Massage.

Said three times:

Om namo Shivago silasa ahang karuniko

Sapasatanang osatha tipa-mantang papaso

Suriya-jantang gomalapato paka-sesi wantami

Bantito sumethasso alokha Sumani Homi

Said once:

Piyo-tewa manussanang piyo-poma namuttamo

Piyo-nakha supananang pinisiang nama-mihang

Namo-puttaya navon-navien nasatit-nasatien

Ehi-mama navien-nawe napai-tang-vien

Navien—mahaku ehi-mama piyong—mama


Said three times:

Na-a-na-wa lokha payati vina-santi

English Translation

We invite the spirit of our founder, the father doctor Shivago, who comes to us through his saintly life.  Please bring to us the knowledge of all nature, which this prayer will show as the true medicine of the universe.  In the name of this mantra, we respect your help and pray that through our bodies, you will bring wholeness and health to the body of our client. The Goddess of Healing dwells in the heavens high, while humankind dwells in the world below. In the name of the founder may the heavens be reflected in the world below so this healing medicine may encircle the world.  We pray for the ones we touch, that they will be happy and illness will be released from them.