The many layers of Thai

Thai Yoga Massage is an incredibly layered and deeply therapeutic style of massage. It treats many different body types and addresses a wide variety of physical needs. Just some of the reasons Thai Yoga Massage is a style that goes beyond a typical massage:

  • By providing deep stretching and Acustretch, Thai Massage is able to act proactively as one of the best Sports Massages available.
  • Ingrained into Thai Massage is the use of shaking to distract muscles so they relax, similar to that of the Trager Method
  • Sought out Western techniques such as Myofascial release and deep tissue work are infused into sessions.

Many Physical Therapists are gaining interest in Thai Yoga Massage because they can add it to their practice to combine stretch and massage. A lot of Physical Therapists are arranged by time for insurance billing and Thai Yoga Massage allows for so many techniques in a short amount of time!

Upon graduation, our students are best suited to work alongside Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and other medical practitioners because of the Thai Yoga Massage emphasis we provide in our 600 hr CMT program.

Denver Integrative Massage School