The Silver Thread

Our recent Thai immersion weekend began with a meditation. Tricia, our instructor, asked us to begin by closing our eyes and to start visualizing what energy looked like in our bodies. We were instructed to see color, texture, and weight. Then we were asked to see this energy mass as lines in the body. In my mind’s eye I was able to see an intricate web of silver thread. Within my body I imagined a mass transit network of faint, shimmery, and sleek cords, connecting everything while never touching. I saw the lines as life’s highway. 

It was a wonderful way to begin our look at comparing Thai and Chinese energy lines. In both Thai and Chinese cultures there is an understanding of energy pathways in the body that form lines. These lines can be “worked” in various ways to restore harmony to the body. As students of Thai massage we have been learning the locations and significance of the Thai lines in order to bring more intention to our work with bodies. The essential idea is to bring about more focus and purpose to our touch. I like to think of it this way, we know eating certain foods are really good for the body, take carrots for example. So many of us eat carrots knowing they are good for us, but once someone explains why, that carrots have vitamin A for eyesight and massive amounts of anti-oxidants that fight free radicals, we can choose to eat carrots for a purpose. Working with energy lines is very similar.

As students of massage we understand that our touch feels really good in the bodies we work on or to that it feels supportive to have certain areas of the body massaged and focused on. Now, as students, we are being shown a system of energy lines that may explain why work on these parts of the body can be so therapeutic. We can also start to deepen the personal attention we pay to each body by massaging energy lines that relate to certain disharmonies in the body. How cool!

Earlier I mentioned that we were studying Chinese energy lines as well. The Thai and Chinese systems are very similar but differ in a few approaches and by learning to work energy lines with a bit of a Chinese perspective we are being given additional tools for our massage practice. The great thing about learning from different cultures is that as we learn about these varying perspectives we are given the power to explore and incorporate the perspectives that speak most strongly to us as individuals. As a group the discussion has been really insightful and so interesting as we explore each others perspectives. Where I see silver threads, others see a world of different possibilities! This approach is one of my favorite things about being a studying massage therapy here at the Denver Integrative Massage School.


Jessica has been a full time yoga and fitness instructor in the Denver area for over three years with Corepower Yoga as well as privately operating as Soul and Bones Wellness. She has received over 600 hours of training through Corepower Yoga and has participated in, coached, and lead a variety of teacher trainings and lifestyle programs. Jessica could not be more excited to explore this next level of her training with Denver Integrated Massage School and is thrilled to share her insights, apprehensions, and breakthroughs with you!