Using essential oils during a massage can add to the relaxing environment that you are trying to create for your clients.  While the massage lotion you use might contain a scent that is pleasing, one of the best ways to use essential oils is to breathe in the fragrance.  The effect of inhaling essential oils is powerful, more effective than topical application and instantaneous. 

The most effective way to fill a room with essential oils is to use a diffuser.  As soon as your client walks into a session they will be enveloped in a scent that can create any type of mood that suits the purpose of the massage session.  Particular essential oils have particular properties.  Blending two or three oils together can create a a sense of relaxation, pain relief, anxiety relief and uplift your spirit. 

Diffusers don’t heat the essential oils too much and only require a few drops of essences.  As the scent hits the air it is converted into its gaseous form.  When you inhale, these scents bind to olfactory cilia which sends an electrical charge to the brain.  This in turn, influences the lower autonomic and endocrine systems.  This creates an almost instant reaction to the aromas in the room. 

If you decide to incorporate essential oils into your massage therapy practice, be sure to purchase high quality essences.