Thread the Needle & Side Child’s Pose

A common area of tightness and pain is the scapula area (shoulder blade). I treat many people that have pain along the top and/or base of their scapula. They describe the pain, not as shooting pain, but as strong, local pain–a point they want to reach behind and press deeply on. Normally, they crave really deep pressure at those points.

Deep pressure will normally help to alleviate that aching pain. Stretching will help as well–both assisted stretches and an at-home stretching routine should keep the pain reduced. Thread the Needle and Side Child’s Pose are both yoga stretches that open the shoulders, lats, and mid/upper back, reducing the tension and pain in these areas.

Click on this link to see a different picture and detailed descriptions on how to safely stretch into Thread the Needle pose:

Click here to see Thread the Needle Pose

Child’s Pose can already be a deep, hip opener and upper body stretch, but to take it to a different level of therapy try Side Child’s Pose for more benefits along the whole length of the side body (arms to QL). When following the picture and instructions on the link below, remember to do more than the pictures (stretching the arms both to the right and left side/diagonal)–walk your arms to the right side to get a deep stretch along your left side and push your left hip towards the left while the arms are stretched towards the right diagonal–almost claw your hands into the ground to get a deeper connection and stretch.

Click here to see Child’s Pose

When starting your yoga practice, I suggest you get a private yoga session with a well-trained instructor or take a beginner’s level class to ensure you have proper alignment and that various postures aren’t contraindicated for your injuries and conditions. And most of all, practicing yoga is meditation in movement, which will help you in so many other ways in your life–emotionally, mentally, and spiritually–and of course, physically, as they are all so lovingly connected.