Tips for DIY Couple’s Valentine’s Day Massage

Looking for that special Valentine’s gift for your significant other? Look no further – DIY couples massage is the perfect way to show your love you care! While chocolates, cards, and professional massages are all great, a personal massage at home from you is one of the most thoughtful, relaxing, and intimate gifts you can give.

If you have never given a massage before, or are unsure how to make this extra special for Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips to ensure a successful massage:

Create a peaceful environment for your partner. A relaxing, restful location is key to relaxing the mind. This can be achieved by lowering the lights, lighting some candles, and using scented oils in a warm, tidy area of your home.

Clear your mind and prepare to focus solely on your partner. Clearing your mind is much harder to do than clearing a space. Focus on providing your partner with the ultimate relaxation and try not to let your mind wander. Taking just five minutes beforehand to center yourself and focus your mind will help your partner feel at ease.

Have all your necessary items near you for an uninterrupted massage. Keep things like oils, towels, and pillows nearby so you don’t have to jump up during the massage. Place a pillow under your partner’s ankles and one for their neck and face when they are face down, and a pillow under their knees when they are face up.

Customize the experience for you and your partner. This is supposed to be a fun, relaxing way to spend some quality time together in a loving environment you can both enjoy. Pick out music you both love; tailor the massage to their preferences by focusing on their stress points and using essential oils they like the smell of. If you are unsure of what oils to use, some basic options are sweet orange and neroli to brighten the mood, ylang ylang and rose to heighten sensuality, and lavender for relaxation.

Take things slow. There is no need to rush! Slow, repetitive movement and light pressure are an excellent way to nourish the nervous system. A loving touch will do wonders for your partner! Think in threes – three strokes here, three strokes there, and repeat. Hold your compressions for longer than you normally would to allow the muscles to fully loosen.

Have fun! This day is about the love you share with your partner, and this DIY massage should reflect that. Enjoy your time together and bask in the love you are lucky enough to share! And if you really want to give your partner a treat, end the massage with champagne and chocolates.