To Ginger Up

Zingiber cassumunar (Plai–ginger) and Languas galanga (Galangal–ginger)

Fancy Latin words aside, to ginger up your medicinal and culinary routine, it’s time to get serious about adding ginger to your life. The two species listed above are the two types of ginger found in the Thai Herbal Compresses that I use in all of my Thai massage sessions with clients. The TASTE is astringent and hot. The PARTS USED are the Rhizome (the root). Both of these ginger species have similar MEDICINAL properties–they both treat colds, fevers, appetite loss, nausea, and lung infections.

Ginger also reduces inflammation of joints and ligaments. It makes a warming liniment, and studies show that ginger helps protect the liver. For CULINARY purposes, you can buy minced ginger and add it veggie and meat stir-fry.

This is the first post in my “Ginger Up” Thai herbal series–be on the look-out for Mini Thai-Spa Treatment, Stir Fry to Die For, and Ginger as an Anti-Inflammatory.