Video: Lower Body Thai Massage

This video demonstrates gentle stretches used in a lower body Thai Massage.  These stretches are meant to coax the muscles in the legs and feet to relax and release energy.  The therapist uses deep pressure but is able put out minimal effort.

Begin by using the heels of the hands to gently press up and down the length of the legs and the tops of the thighs.  Using your fingers interlaced between the receiver’s toes, move the the ankle joint back and forth, so manipulating the foot to create a flex and point action.  This is followed by a pulling and pressing of the leg.  The giver of the massage, bends the knee and massages along the length of the calf muscle, the hip crease and the thigh. 

Finally, the giver lifts the leg and uses here whole body to press the knee towards the chest.  This shows how to minimize effort to create maximum release.