Video: Side-Lying Position Thai Massage

The following video demonstrates a few stretches that can be done with the receiver of the Thai yoga massage laying on their side.  Begin by placing a pillow under the bent knee and another pillow under the top arm.  Be sure that the person is somewhat stable and can easily maintain laying on their side. 

The first stretch is very similar to the yoga pose called Dancer’s Pose.  Although, in yoga this pose is done standing.  Here the giver of the massage is positioned behind their client close to their spine.  The leg is pulled back to create an opening in the psoas.  Next, the therapist demonstrates  a shoulder stretch, by placing one foot under the scapula and the other foot along the spine.  The arm is pulled back as the therapist moves back keeping their arms straight.  Finally, the therapist shows how to perform an extended arm stretch.  The giver of the massage rests the clients arm on the top of her thigh so that the arm is extended.  The therapist gently presses on the hip and then the shoulder blade.

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