Video: Thai Face and Head Massage

Just watching this video will make you feel calm and relaxed.  The head and face massage is usually completed towards the end of a session or towards the end of the supine series.  Spiritually and traditionally, it is come to end near the head to allow for the release of energy.

Begin by pressing thumbs into the receiver’s third eye, the space right between the eyebrows.  Then begin to gently slide your thumbs towards the hairline.  After three rounds of that, move the thumbs just above the eyebrows and across the forehead towards the temples.  Shift the thumbs and massage across the top of the eyebrows. Be sure to use a fairly even, firm pressure.

Next, continue to use thumbs right under the cheekbones and circle towards the the temples.  Then begin under the nose and then finally near the chin, always moving towards the temples.  Use the thumb and index finger to massage the earlobes and gently pull the ears away from the head.  Finally, use the tips of the fingers to massage the scalp using a technique called “shampooing.”

End the face and head massage by placing one hand on the receiver’s forehead and one hand on their heart. 

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