Video Thai Yoga Massage: Advanced Stretches

The following video shows a demonstration of advanced stretches that help open the low back and hips.  These should be performed after the body has been thoroughly warmed up through the leg sequence for Thai Massage with the client either in the prone or supine position.  It’s important to note that some people may not have the flexibility to perform these stretches.  Move slowly and with caution, checking in regularly with your client.  Also, be aware when working with a client who is hyper mobile, as this may aggravate the low back and hips. 

The first stretch that is demonstrated is a Double Knee to Chest, which helps alleviate lumbosacral pain.  This is followed by an assisted Plow Pose, taking the feet towards the face.  Also, the therapist demonstrates an assisted Happy Baby and moves into a Forward Fold. 

All of these stretches would come towards the end of a Thai Yoga Massage and will be familiar to those who have a regular Yoga practice.