What Are the Differences Between Clinical Massage vs. Spa Massage

sports massageA Clinical massage is also known as a medical massage, and it is a type of treatment that is not normally completed in a spa. For the most part, a clinical massage is part of the rehabilitation process for people that have suffered injury, and it often involves massage of some of the deeper muscles in our bodies. A spa massage is normally a lighter, softer massage for relaxation that is also used to relieve stress and tension.

The Benefits of a Clinical Massage

One of the biggest benefits to clinical massage is that you will begin to feel better due to the fact that the muscle tissue is loosened and toxins that have built up within the muscles are being released. In addition, blood and oxygen circulation is improved making you feel fresh and revitalized. It is essential that you drink plenty of fluids, especially water, after your massage, in order to eliminate the toxins that have been released due to the massage.

Who Can Benefit?

So who can benefit the most from this type of massage? Clinical massage is extremely beneficial to athletes who are continually using their muscles in a way that is very stressful and intensive on their bodies. However, it is not just athletes who are able to feel the benefits of clinical massage. People with chronic problems such as pain, edema, muscle cramps and fibromyalgia, can feel the benefits of clinical massage.