What I am Starting to See

I have always known bodywork and massage to be healing. I have had help recovering from injury in the hands of skilled body workers and experienced feeling better after leaving massage sessions on may occasions. But knowing that massage was good for me and KNOWING the power of healing in massage have become two different states of knowledge these past few weeks.

Even though I am just starting to scratch the surface as to the greater effects of what a consistent routine of massage can do for a person I am starting to realize that power of touch is larger in scope than I had initially grasped. We all know it feels good to be touched. We crave touch. I have a Thai massage therapist I see specifically for the times when my body is wanting nothing more than the power of loving hands and healing energy. As a yoga instructor I am encouraged to put my hands on each body in the room as a way to foster connection and release in my students. I remind myself often that laying my hands on someone’s shoulders might be the only human contact they have all day, and that that space is sacred.

But I had never considered the why until recently. Specifically in the discussions we have had with Emory, our Body Functions instructor here at DIMS. We have been talking about stress. What stress does to the body, how stress factors into disease, looking at stress responses, and most importantly the reverse of stress or relaxation response. And again, this information hasn’t been something I didn’t know, but rather the light in which we have been looking at things has allowed me to see the true influence and responsibility body workers have in their relationships with their clients. It is a space of healing and a space for long-term wellness. It is a space of connection and loving energy. And it is a space as well as a budding understanding with in myself that I am currently in awe of. I’ve heard it said before that if everyone in the world received regular massages we would have the peace we are all so badly wanting, and I am starting to understand the truth of those words.


Jessica has been a full time yoga and fitness instructor in the Denver area for over three years with Corepower Yoga as well as privately operating as Soul and Bones Wellness. She has received over 600 hours of training through Corepower Yoga and has participated in, coached, and lead a variety of teacher trainings and lifestyle programs. Jessica could not be more excited to explore this next level of her training with Denver Integrated Massage School and is thrilled to share her insights, apprehensions, and breakthroughs with you!