What to Expect During Your First Massage

Foot massageWhen you are getting ready for your very first massage, you may not know what to expect. We are here to ease any anxieties and tell you how your massage appointment will go, and what to expect!

After you book the massage online here, you will get a confirmation of your appointment with additional instruction.

Arrive a few minutes early for your massage at 1221 Galapago Street in Denver. This gives you time to take in your surroundings, fill out an intake form and check in. Our instructor and your therapist will greet you and let you know where to go. For example if you are receiving a Swedish massage your session will be on a massage table in a private room. If you are receiving a Thai massage you will be laying on a mat in a room with a few others.

Swedish Massage

You will talk with your therapist in the room where you will be receiving the massage. The therapists reviews your intake from and asks questions to find out if you have any particular issues or concern areas. You will then be given time to disrobe and settle on the table, under covers. The therapist will return to the room and your massage appointment will commence. During the massage the therapist may instruct you to turn over or tell you something he/she will be doing, or asking if the pressure is OK etc. Otherwise during the treatment there is typically very few words exchanged. The session is peaceful, calm and relaxing. Once the session is over. The therapist will typically offer you water, tell you to take your time to get up and get dressed. The therapist will leave the room while you get dressed. Before you leave you are asked to fill a short form to evaluate your therapist.

Thai Massage

The Thai Massage is a bit different from the typical Swedish massage. We strive to replicate an authentic Thai massage as much as possible. For this massage, you are clothed, wearing yoga-style clothes for easy movement and comfort. You will lay on a soft mat on the floor in a larger room with a few others who are also receiving Thai massage. Thai massage involves a lot of stretching and more movement than a massage on the table. Think of it as yoga stretches, with the therapist stretching you. Sometimes herbal wraps and compresses are used to ease and relax the muscles.

The check in process is the same for Thai Massage, you will be greeted by the instructor and your therapist and asked to fill in an intake form. You will be then guided to your mat. Your therapist will review your intake form and a few questions. If you have any specific issues or would like more focus on, say your hamstrings, this is the time to bring it up. The massage will start with your feet and systematically move up from your feet to your head. During the massage the therapist may say a few things: ask you to turn over, ask if the pressure is OK etc. At the completion of the massage you will be asked to give feedback on your therapist – fill in a short form.

If you have any questions at all that were not answered here, please contact us and we’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Also, please feel free to ask any questions while you are at your appointment. We look forward to seeing you for your first massage!