When I Grow Up

One of the best things about doing a training like the Thai Massage program here with DIMS is seeing the personalities and styles of my classmates and myself start to develop. Most people don’t think about how much of a personality and persona you develop when doing work in service like massage or yoga teaching. However, these personalities are often carefully honed and crafted out of the people we already are outside of the mat or table with the intention of creating an effective and comfortable experience for those we work with. They are a heightened self you could say.

And we all know the types. There is the technical and precise therapist, the anatomy geek, the light and bubbly, the strong and stern, the comforting maternal/paternal therapist, even the sensual and soft. And of course so many more!!! But what’s great is there is a need for each and everyone! As receivers of bodywork there are times when we need different things in our bodies and ideally we seek out the person and personality that is best suited to give us the best experience for what we desire. So when I need to be nourished and loved all over I go to my favorite lady ever. If I am over coming an injury or site-specific issue I have the best guy who gets right to the point. It makes my body care so fulfilling and successful to have access to so many amazing body workers.

As we work together in class I see a whole array of personalities taking form. In fact it’s the best part about being in this type of training, we spent HOURS working on each other, giving feedback, and growing as a group. Our backgrounds are extremely varied, from people who have never done any type of service work to seasoned western massage therapists looking to expand their knowledge. And in all the mix is a person and personality that will suit the needs of someone in need of help. That is just so cool. I would be doing a huge disservice not to mention the instructors as well! This diversity is present in everyone at DIMS and it’s so awesome to have different examples for each of us to gravitate to for guidance.

So as you can imagine, I’ve been wondering and thinking about who I will be “when I grow up” and complete this program and am out there in the world. Who am I in this service? I can’t say I really know right now. But I’m getting glimpses. There are some parts strong, some sensual, and a bit of nurturing. I simply cannot wait to see what else pops up!


Jessica has been a full time yoga and fitness instructor in the Denver area for over three years with Corepower Yoga as well as privately operating as Soul and Bones Wellness. She has received over 600 hours of training through Corepower Yoga and has participated in, coached, and lead a variety of teacher trainings and lifestyle programs. Jessica could not be more excited to explore this next level of her training with Denver Integrated Massage School and is thrilled to share her insights, apprehensions, and breakthroughs with you!