Why Massage Therapy for Cyclists is a Smart Move

Cycling is a demanding sport where the body can quickly wear down if not treated right. As a growing number of cyclists are learning, having massages to loosen up the body is a great way to prevent injury and to stay in the game. Lets take a closer look at why massage therapy for cyclists is a smart move.

Injury Prevention

Cycling is considered by most people to be a sport prone to injury. However, 4.4 out of every 1000 participants in cycling will have serious injury when riding. This does not count those with minor injuries, pains, or complications. The primary source of injuries among cyclists are crashes, where the shoulders and upper body can take serious damage.

However, another source of damage to the body comes from sitting on the bike for extended periods of time. This is where massage comes in. Massage helps to loosen the body up, allowing for better posture both on and off the bike. In addition, performing massages on your most used muscles is an excellent way to keep them in peak performance, reducing the changes of muscle related injury and fatigue while cycling.

What do Massages Do Exactly?

Massages have different uses depending on whether you are pre or post race. Pre-race massages are used to warm up the tendons and muscles. It helps break adhesions in the muscles as well as reduce the amount of time you will have to spend warming up.

When it comes to post-race massages, the massage works to help the body recover. Post-race massages help reduce the chances of cramping and soreness caused by being in an unnatural position. In addition, the massage works to speed up the recovery from more serious injuries, reducing swelling.

While most people may consider massages a luxury, they can in fact be a great way to help your body prepare for and recover from an excellent cycling race. Consider making massage a part of your training regimen!

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