Why Thai

According to statistics over 50% of people don’t receive any kind of bodywork.

To those of us who work in the field or regularly enjoy a massage, this may seem absurd! As we know, bodywork is good for us and adds to a healthy lifestyle for those that seek out any healing from stress relief to sports recovery. However, there are real reasons that may be holding back even your closest family members and friends from this wonderful healing art. Luckily, many of their objections can be overcome and even met with a pleasant surprise when it comes to Thai Yoga Massage!

  • Some people may be self-conscious about a certain body part and therefore not want to undress.

During Thai Yoga Massage the receiver remains fully clothed for the duration of the session. You can even bring or arrive in your own most comfortable clothing.

  • Many people find that they are sensitive to touch and even ticklish during massage.

Thai Yoga Massage uses the heat of herbal compresses to warm up the body prior to stretching and tissue work.  This is an effective way to prepare a person who may be sensitive to touch.

  • Some men (and even women) prefer a female therapist during massage.

With Thai Massage some of the reasons that women are often preferred are taken out of the equation.  While nude, people feel vulnerable and some have reported feeling more comfortable with a woman. Again, Thai Yoga Massage is done while the receiver is fully clothed.

  • There can be a fear of falling asleep and possibly even (gasp) drooling!

Massage is relaxing and Thai Massage is no exception. However, Thai Massage is different because this form of bodywork is more rigorous and active than traditional massage. It incorporates the fast-growing, popular, health routine of Yoga. The passive stretches experienced in a Thai session are similar to the familiar poses in a common yoga class. While relaxing, a Thai Massage is invigorating and energizing enough to engage your senses.

  • Many people fear or even dislike deep tissue or deep pressure massage.

Thai addresses this by focusing more on the spaces in between the muscles and fascial layers, connective tissues. Incorporated into the session are reflexology, passive stretching, aromatherapy, and more.

Many fears and concerns that come with traditional massage are not met when receiving a Thai Yoga Massage, making this modality a great gateway into bodywork and healing.