Working as a Massage Therapist on a Cruise Ship

Cruise shipIf you are interested in becoming a massage therapist on a cruise ship, you can imagine that job involves lots of excitement plus a little bit relaxation. Working on a cruise ship may be
adventurous and challenging too.

Working as a massage therapist on a cruise ship can be exciting. You offer a service of relaxation for those on vacation. Clients enjoy the pampering and special treatment you are able to provide with massage therapy. If you have additional training on multiple modalities of massage, such as Thai massage you are offering added value for the clients as well as to the employer, who determines if you would be a good fit to work on a cruise ship.

Basic requirements

If you are looking for massage therapist job on a cruise ship then you could start with a placement agency. Register your application and explain your qualifications. There is usually a one-time fee charged by the agency as soon as you are placed on a cruise ship, i.e. you found employment through the agency. Experience or certifications in more than one massage modality is helpful and could get you hired faster. Once you will hired as massage therapist you will be trained according to the requirements of that particular cruise line.

Once you sign a contract it lasts for at least six months. There is no fixed income for massage therapists on a cruise ship. Your income depends on the amount of services you provide. You will typically get a small basic pay and you can earn up to $800 per week with your services.

You will be living in staff/crew living quarters which are equipped with all basic facilities such as TV, bed etc. You may spend some of the time your personal room, however, you can also spend some time in common crew members area.

If working as a massage therapist on a cruise ship interests you, look for more detailed information about hiring requirements and how you can better your chances on getting hired.