Differentiating your massage business from others is one of the keys to creating and sustaining a successful career as a massage therapist.  It’s important to develop a menu of services that you feel passionate about offering.  It’s not necessarily about offering exotic treatments.  You can still develop a niche that is more mainstream, with a few unique offerings thrown in to distinguish yourself from others. 

If you decide to offer unfamiliar treatments, remember that it might take some time to convince and educate your clients on the therapeutic benefits that they offer.  Make your descriptions quite detailed so clients know exactly what they will be getting.  Most importantly, you need to believe in the treatment and be well-trained so you can offer it with confidence. 

The way you differentiate yourself might be in adding a unique touch such as a beverage, heated massage table, a foot cleanse, scalp massage, a scented eye pillow or hot towel.  Making the experience personal for each client will make them want to seek you out for your services again and again.  Develop a relationship through dialogue before and after the treatment, so that each time they book another appointment it is a way to focus each massage on a specific part of the body or level of energy.  Develop a set of hand-outs that illustrate at home preventative measures and how to maintain the benefits of the massage.  

There are many ways to stand out in the crowd, be sure to show your passion for your craft in what you offer and how you offer it.